Our Services

Low Vision Aid Clinic

Patients with irreversable retinal damage are supplied with vision enhancing C.C.T.V, hand held magnifiers, telescopes etc,.

Paediatric Ophthalmology and Neuro Ophthalmology and Plastic Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

Necessary machines are available for diagnosis and treatment.

B.K. Opticals

In house optical showroom has full display of Indian and foreign frames, glasses and accessories and are ready for sale. Photochromatic sun glasses, day and night, designer glasses made of fibre and CR-39, high-index glasses progressive and no line multifocals, various frames like metal, shell, carbon are special attraction. Antireflex coated lenses, goggles and protective glasses are displayed.

B.K. Pharmacy and B.K. Laboratory

All biochemical, microbiological and histopathological tests are done in our in-house lab. In-house pharmacy has full stock of eye medicines and surgical materials.