Our Services

Glaucoma Clinic


Glaucoma patients have no early symptoms but will end up in tunnel vision and blindness, if not detected in time. Imported perimeter
(Carl Zeiss, Germany), gonioscope, tonometer, bjerrums screen and 90D lens to detect ocular pressure induced field defects, Nd Yog and argon green (Carl Zeiss, Germany) which are advanced lasers are available to do various glaucoma procedures.

Retina and Trauma Clinic

24 Hours emergency trauma and retina clinic is functioning here. We use small Pupil indirect ophthalmoscope, Goldmann 3 mirror lens, Vitrectomy machine and Cryo apparatus for diagnosis and surgery for Vitreoretinal diseases.

Ocular Headache and Squint clinic


All sorts of lazy eyes and muscle weaknesses are treated by advanced Synoptophore, Maddox wing, Remi Seperator, cheiroscope, CAM stimulator, Hess Screen and prism bars. Estabilished squint is corrected by microsurgery giving new appearance and self confidence for the patient

Dry Eye and Computer Vision Syndrome Clinic

Dry eyes are caused due to excessive explosure to polluted environment, eye strain and long hours of work in front of the computer and excessive television viewing.