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Cataract Surgery Clinic


What is Cataract? Clouding or opacification of the natural lens is cataract. Cataract caused by old age (most commonly) or other reasons affects the clarity and the visual acuity. The lens startes loosing its transparent and become transluscent and then opaque. Cataract is the most common cause of vision impairment and blindness in the world.

The cataract is treated by surgery. An eye surgeon will remove your cloudy lens and in most cases, replace it with a clear, man-made focusing lens (intraocular lens implant, or IOL). The replacement lens implant remains permanently inside your eye and does not degrade.

Cataract surgery is usually a day case procedure, which means that you will go home on the day of your operation. However, you may wish to arrange for someone to stay overnight with you at home on the day of surgery.


Cataract is an old age problem where the natural lens become opaque causing dimness of vision. Our Hospital is equipped with state of the art equipments, latest cataract surgery with foldable and rollable lens. we have an imported operating microscope (Takagi Japan), Laser phacoemulsifier for 0.8mm sutureless, padless cataract surgery, ultra surgical instruments for superior surgical safety and quick recovery from blindness. Latest ultrasonic. A-scan biometer (Uniscan, USA) is installed to detect accurate lens power.

Diabetic Eye and Laser Clinic


To cope up increasing diabetic patients with eye complications called diabetic retinopathy, we have advanced fundus camera (Carl Zeiss,Germany) to study the retinal vascular abnormality and have Argon Green Laser(Carl Zeiss,Germany) to coagulate it. We have high-tech small pupil ophthalmoscope (Welch allyn-USA) to detect earliest retinal changes as diabetics are to be examined by eye specialists once every 3 months. We have counselling wing to educate diabetics regarding the hazards of un controlled diabetes and alterations that are to be made in the life style to improve the diabetic status.

Contact Lens and Refractive Cornea surgery Clinic


By manipulating the corneal surface, we can remove various visual defects. we have extensive collection of latest contact lenses soft, semi soft, bifocal, daily wear, continuous wear, disposable (daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly) cosmetic and coloured. Artificial and prosthetic eyes are also available. We have the latest Zyoptic lasik laser utilizing wavefront technology to correct all short sight and long sight. Advanced Ophthalmometer (Bausch & Lomb) and Topograph are used to measure the curvature of cornea.

Refraction Clinic

We have Auto-refraco-meter (Nidek, Japan) for computerised eye testing and streek retinoscope to find out smallest and accurate power and axis for prescribing glasses and contact lenses.